Capturing the spirit

'Celebrant' or officiant: the leader of a liturgy or ceremony who is empowered to perform it.

Contrary to what many people believe, funerals do not have to be performed by a member of the clergy. After all our times are changing and most European countries are secular in nature, therefore we have the right to be treated as equal regardless of our beliefs. Many of us have our own philosophy on life and a funeral performed by a Religious Minister may not reflect our ideas and thoughts.

A civil funeral ceremony is merely just another option which many people are now choosing as their final farewell. A service from 'The Celebrant' honours the deceased's rite of passage by celebrating their life and legacy, sharing memories and creating a eulogy which is meaningful, memorable and inspiring.

As a celebrant, I believe that every life has a story which should be told and I am passionate about making this happen. I have never come across a life which is not amazing.... we all have a journey to take. Some of them are long, some are too short, they all have mountains; with some higher than others, but ultimately, just like life... they are all incredible.

If you are interested in using 'The Celebrant' for a funeral then please do not hesitate to contact me. This can be done direct or you may instruct your funeral director to contact me. I will then arrange to meet you at your home or alternative venue - where you may also wish to invite other family members - and together we will talk about your loved one so I can collate all the information I need to create a service which will do them justice. We will also discuss any music or tributes a family member or friend may deliver and whether you would like any religious content in the ceremony. After this meeting I will write a bespoke service for the funeral and assist any of the contributors with their tribute. Finally I will be with you on the day of the funeral and will ensure that it is conducted to your specification.

Funeral Celebrancy Services include:

  • Cremations
  • Burials
  • Interment of Ashes
  • Scattering of Ashes
  • Memorial Service

Standard fee £150.